The deep-sea industry is not for the faint of heart, with the highly demanding physical and
mental aspects of commercial diving sure to pose a challenge to even the most
adventurous. But 31-year-old commercial diver Siti Naqiah Binte Tusliman remains unfazed
and has proved herself a force to be reckoned with in these male-dominated waters.

With a burning passion for commercial diving ignited by leisure diving as a hobby, Naqiah
has since cemented her role as Singapore’s first-ever female commercial diver. She is a
seasoned seafarer and a cherished member of the Hydropro family since July 2018.

Cheerful, driven and hungry for knowledge, Naqiah’s dedication to the job is unquestionable
– it is this drive to better herself that paved the way for the opportunity from Hydropro to
upgrade the young diver with new skills.

The closing chapter of 2019 was one for the books for Naqiah who was chosen to attend a
grueling two-week training course at a commercial dive training institution in Tasmania,
after which she was awarded an IMCA (International Maritime Contractors Association)
recognised certificate for the ADAS (Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme) Offshore Diver
Medic Technician (DMT) Course.

The Commercial Dive Academy in Tasmania ( is an
internationally acclaimed ADAS and IMCA approved Commercial Dive School – with the
internationally-recognised certificate, you can work anywhere in the world because of the
top-tier training provided.

Naqiah explained that her new role is a crucial one – in any 7-man dive team, one DMT is
needed. If incidents or accidents occur on the job, it is Naqiah’s responsibility to ensure the
doctor has all the information he/she needs, as well as to assist with any procedures
necessary on-site. Moreover, the intensive course introduces divers to high-level first aid
skills including intubations, suturing and administering drugs in hyperbaric environments.

“All divers have to know basic first aid, but a DMT has advanced knowledge. I’m even
allowed to give an intravenous (IV) injection with a doctor’s instructions!”

The accreditation, although, did not come easy. Naqiah recounted the learning curve in the
course – while the two weeks were a refresher course for her international classmates, it
was her first time encountering much of the material. Thus, she had to work twice as hard
as her peers to overcome the jump in knowledge.

However, Naqiah is no stranger to putting in the work. Being a female in the industry poses
unique challenges due to the demanding nature of the job, such as the donning of heavy
equipment and working under extreme environments.

“Being a woman in this field, sometimes it’s harder. Almost all the guys went through
National Service – I have not. They’ve held spanners, and I haven’t – but it’s easy enough to
catch up.”

Her peers at Hydropro are always by her side, guiding her along the way and imparting
relevant knowledge when she asks for assistance. It is also this close-knit bond, Naqiah says,
that motivates her and keeps her going.

“I’m happy here. It feels like a second family – a second home.”

Through determination and hard work, Naqiah has proven that she can dive with the best of
them with a smile on her face. And now, with her ADAS – approved Offshore DMT
certificate, Naqiah is now one of the top picks as an indispensable member of any dive
team, be it in local or international waters.