September 27, 2016

Company Profile

Founded by  industry veterans with more than 30 years of work experience and domain knowledge, HydroPro is the Premier Provider of IRM (Inspection, Repair and Maintenance) Services for the Marine and Subsea Industry operating from Singapore. Since inception in 2014, the company has been providing a comprehensive range of Commercial Diving and Rope Access Services and serving customers in Marine and Offshore industry worldwide.

Our Commitment

Best In-Class Equipment combined with Best Industry Standards, Practices and Procedures, we are committed to oversee the quick and economical turnaround of large projects that are going out of track and behind schedule and to render unparalleled services in the fields of Diving and Rope Access. Our motto: "Doing it Right the first time… At Height or Subsea".

Industry Leader

To be among the top-notch marine-industry players HYDROPRO PRIVATE LIMITED knows that the endless seas are the limits and setting new standards for commercial diving services in Singapore and the region remain the first priority.

Going by the rules is a sacred philosophy and only procedures, equipment and trained divers certified under Singapore National Recognized training requirement of ISO 29990:2010 Standard or equivalent are engaged for any assignment.

From Director Edwin Tan and his team, the trump-card and teamwork hinges on the qualified and experience specialists who have in-depth knowledge in understanding clients’ requirements and delivering high-quality class-approved solutions on schedule. To provide safe, professional and cost effective services by optimizing the use of manned and unmanned underwater operations.

“We will be a leader for the development of safety, quality and industry initiatives,” says Edwin Tan, as he specially believes in starting with the most senior level of management from start to finish of each project.

Creating good relationships with clients and customers to achieve corporate and personal development.


Hydropro Private Limited ranks with the marine elites with an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and bizSAFE star (please check and confirm) accredited company that has the capacity to offer a full range of marine and underwater ship maintenance and services.

Three decades of personal expertise in the marine industry makes our management and staff to consistently prove that class, character and competency always matter.

Reputation is something money cannot buy especially in providing versatile yet cost effective solutions in both land and underwater maintenance and repair. The expertly-trained divers are a class act in the commercial world as they’re proficient and updated in the latest sciences of tools and equipment for operational services.

WE stand extra tall with the teamwork-philosopy of our sales and operations team who’ve the repute to win over clients or appointed agents. The secret is in the thorough behind-the-scenes planning, diligent preparation of equipment and serious discussion of the procedure to be followed before the final job execution with safety, efficiency and timeliness in mind.

Over three decades of marine-industry stalwartship, our management has sincerely maintained a long-term business partnership with our growing list of local and overseas clients. Thinking out of the cap is another of the company’s philosophy as we continue to develop solutions and adapt the latest marine-linked technologies for more effective and economical operation.

Office Locations

We are strategically located at 9 Pandan Road, #02-01, Singapore 609257.

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