Update on HYDROPRO 1

“The best time to buy a boat is when the market is depressed and the best time to utilize it is when the demand is high”. According to Mr. Edwin Tan, Managing Director of Hydropro Pte Ltd, “now is the time to get a good price on a new boat and this will be the start of our flotilla of new boats”.

Mr. Alan Strong, the Technical Manager of Hydropro, says that this boat is built to Class BV Survey for 15 passengers and crew, twin Yanmar 600HP main engines, 2 x Kohler diesel driven generator sets, 4,000 litres fuel, and 1,000 litres freshwater. Our vessel is built as a mono-hull aluminium craft for use as a dive boat for outside port limit (OPL) service. The hull shall be fitted with 4 watertight bulkheads with good marine grade aluminium sheet plates where all welding shall be in accordance with survey requirements. The boat will also have an enclosed common wheelhouse, crew berths and passenger seating cabin, a dive control room, a galley, a mess and 2 heads. A slewing fixed boom crane shall be provided at mid ship together with all safety and navigational equipment of radar, GPS, depth sounder, CCTV, AIS, PA system, floodlights, and VHF communications. At LOA 25m with a beam of 6.1m, a design draft of 1.0m, this vessel is capable of 18 knots.

“This ship is outstanding”. Mr. Francis Ong, Operations Manager of Hydropro, says “our new DSV will be an asset to us and a plus to the diving industry in Singapore. We have in-built a Class Diving Decompression Chamber (DDC) into the boat for dives in respect of OGP/IMCA standards. This ensures that we have a guideline standard in place when we operate and that it is one of the best practices known internationally.

To be named “HYDROPRO 1”, this DSV will be proudly ready in June 2017 to serve cliental in Singapore and regions around Singapore